KAPLAN ENERGY is one of the main Bio-Based Phase Change Material engineering, consulting, design and development company for :

  • heating and air-conditioning systems,
  • building products,
  • temperature-controlled transport of sensitive goods,
  • medical products,
  • electronic applications,
  • textile applications,
  • automotive,
  • aerospace,
  • food

Further, we can also provide Biomedical and Bioengineering Research & Development with Phase Change Material technologies.

KAPLAN ENERGY provides product development services that include design, development, prototype fabrication, testing and evaluation of products containing PCMs for both industrial and consumer market. We can also help you in finding manufacturers for large quantities productions.

In addition to this, KAPLAN ENERGY can help you innovate and build your new generation of successful products using a variety of green PCM technologies.

Your PCM's will be sourced in our reliable suppliers goods with whom we have developed long-term partnerships.


Phase Change Materials

Phase change materials (or PCM's) are unique substances with high enthalpies of fusion, meaning that they are capable of storing large amounts of thermal energy as latent heat during their phase transition from solid to liquid or solid to solid.

Then, as the temperature of surroundings begins to fall and the phase change material begins to recrystallize, they are able to release the stored thermal energy to maintain the temperature of the environment.


Solid/solid PCM for electronic applicationsSolid/liquid PCMCrystallization of a solid/liquid PCM

PCM Applications

  • Organ, blood and pharmaceutical transport
  • Construction materials to help passive cooling by adding thermal mass to buildings
  • HVAC applications for efficient energy storage
  • Clothing tohelp temperature regulation
  • Electronics heat sink fans to ensure microprocessors are maintained at their optimum working temperature
  • Batteries
  • Central heating systems
  • Telecom shelters
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar cell thermal recovery
  • Fuel Cells

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