KAPLAN ENERGY is one of the main Bio-Based Phase Change Material engineering, consulting, design and development company for heating and air-conditioning systems, building products, temperature-controlled transport of sensitive goods, medical products, electronic applications, textile applications, automotive, aerospace, food, ...


PCM Consulting and development Services solutions

KAPLAN ENERGY provides for you development services of quality and custom-made PCM, in the respect of confidentiality. If you need a six months study or a three years development contract, our development department is at your disposal to best meet your different requests : from research to industrial scale and via pilot scale.

With his strong experience, KAPLAN ENERGY is a leader in technology using Materials Phase Change and offers to accompany you with the feasibility study, the product development through the prototype and its industrialization.

If you have a PCM thermal management project or idea with a limited investment of time, money or resources, we can perform a limited feasibility study in which we will assess various PCM approach, and provide a foundation for your particular PCM application. We will perform it in 2-3 weeks providing brief summary report.

The main qualities of our PCM Consulting Services are :

  • Feasibility, researches of previous art and Studies

The first step in product development is the concept feasibility and the researches of previous art. After gathering all informations from the client's project, we provide a clear feedback.

  • Concept Development

Once we have validated the concept feasibility, the next step is the concept development. In interaction with the customer, we develop for you the PCM solution with the respect of your feedback.

  • Product Development

During the product development phase we work closely with you to make sure that the PCM works correctly in your process or in your product.

  • Rapid Prototyping

Once the project is determined to be technically viable, we provide a proposal and a quote for making a proof-of-concept sample.

  • Design for Cost Reduction of your PCM solution

After having the customer feedback for the rapid Prototyping, it may be necessary to optimize the Cost Reduction of the PCM solution.

  • Test and Validation

When the optimization work is complete and the final product specifications have been established, we test it again for a last time and validate the PCM technology with the customer.

  • Industrial Design

After validation, we make a scale-up of the process in order to meet the volume requirements supplied by the customer

For more information, please use the contact form and complete it with the details of your requirements.


Manufacturing services

KAPLAN ENERGY can also supply his PCM skills for joining you in your various industrial development steps, directly in interaction with your teams.

In addition of quality development services and custom-made PCM that we offer to you, KAPLAN ENERGY also offers contract manufacturing services in the respect of confidentiality.

For the customers who have developed their own product(s), we offer :

  • Scale-up assistance from lab-scale to full-scale manufacturing.
  • A manufacturing site for customers who do not have their own pilot, nor full-scale manufacturing equipment or nor facilities.

For more information, please use the contact form with details of your requirements.


Technical Resources

KAPLAN ENERGY has an analytical laboratory fully-equipped with full-time analytical staff to ensure that the highest possible quality material is produced.

Our well-equipped laboratory offers TGA, DSC Mettler Toledo 822e (with a range from -70°C to +700°C), viscosimeter Brookfield (with a range from -40°C ; +100°C), and some other testing equipments.
Several sizes of batch reactors are available in our laboratory, ranging from 500ml, 1L, 2L and 200L volumes.

PCM Applications

  • Organ, blood and pharmaceutical transport
  • Construction materials to help passive cooling by adding thermal mass to buildings
  • HVAC applications for efficient energy storage
  • Clothing tohelp temperature regulation
  • Electronics heat sink fans to ensure microprocessors are maintained at their optimum working temperature
  • Batteries
  • Central heating systems
  • Telecom shelters
  • Heat pumps
  • Solar cell thermal recovery
  • Fuel Cells


Solid/solid PCM for electronic applicationsSolid/liquid PCMCrystallization of a solid/liquid PCM

Granulated solid/liquid PCMLiquid/liquid PCM during phase transitionSolid/solid PCM during phase transition in hot water

Textile coated by Solid/solid PCMSolid/liquid PCMSolid/solid PCM